The Rise Of Blogging

Blogging is the process of writing and maintaining an interactive web presence that also allows visitors to respond with posts, comments and messages. The term blog came from the shortened version of the term “web log”,  and these have risen in popularity over the past 15 years, covering an infinite variety of subjects, topics and interests.

The influence of blogs has become a way of changing political adventures and news mistakes.

It was a blog that caught out Senator Trent Lott a few years ago when he endorsed Strom Thurmond’s racial position.  This ultimately led to Lott’s resignation from the senate. Similarly, when Dan Rather, the noted newscaster, falsely accused President George Bush of not serving properly in the military, blogs produced records proving him wrong, and CBS news had to apologize.

Blogging has grown due to the ease of access to posting and publishing online, that allows individuals and organizations into the mainstream. Blogging gives the people a voice so they can promote whatever is important to them, from good health to their brand of politics.

The entire collection of blogs is called the blogosphere. This entire collection of blog based information made up of ideas, opinions and news items online.

In addition, blogs are a great way to promote products & services. Blogs can be used to review products, to promote various services you have used and recommend all of which helps in the exposure and marketing of the product. For example, if you have purchased a new Olympus Camera and enjoy it, why not promote it via a review on your blog?

Blogging has definitely come of age. A well-put together blog can catapult an idea, concept or product into prominence where it is found and appreciated by literally millions.  Blogs amplify people power because it connects people to ideas and information. You can make use of this yourself by jumping into blogging today!