How to Get Other People to Read Your Blog

Have you been writing a blog for sometime now but can’t seem to get anyone to read it? Its a problem most every blogger can relate to. 

There are millions of readers online but sadly there are millions more blogs or so it seems! Writing is not enough. How do you get found and how can you get other people to read your blog?

Here are five suggestions you can implement to gain more readers for your blog.

1. Search Engine Optimization

The best place to start is to learn a bit about search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO techniques, when done properly, will help get your blog found in search engines, such as Google. We can’t discuss all the tricks here, but one suggestion is to make each blog post about a single subject.

For instance, if you are writing about tools to help you find a job, I might write a blog post about visual career guidance. In the title I would use the phrase visual career guidance. In the heading I would mention the same. I would include the phrase in the wording of the post once or twice. This lets Google know exactly what your post is about and helps them serve your blog post in their results.

2. Social Media

Social media is where many people hang out online. Why not try to connect with people who are interested in the subject of your blog. Look for Facebook pages or search Twitter profiles. There are many of social networks that could provide you with a huge number of interested people. Remember to add to URL of your blog in your profile so others can find you. Getting to know people who show a common interest as you can soon get the traffic to your blog up.

3. Forums

Online fourms have been popular for years and remain another great way to connect with people online. Search for forums in your area of interest and join up. Read the conversations and where possible add your piece. Don’t be too self-promoting or you’ll get yourself banned. Instead join  the conversation and simply add your URL into your signature for others to check out at their leisure.

4. Comment on Other Blogs

Have you received a comment on your blog that WASN’T spam? How excited did you get? Yes – that is power of useful, real blog commenting! You can search for other blogs on subjects similar to yours and go in and leave comments about things they have written. Be a good online citizen and give good comments that show you are really in tune with the subject.

5. Start an Email List

Another powerful way to gain repeat traffic is to start an email list. You can do this using a plugin for your blog platform. Its very easy. Ask people to join your list so you can advise them when you write a new post. You might even have something to give them if they join. If they enjoy what you’ve written it’s great way to get them back.

Don’t give up! Try implementing some of these strategies and see your readership rise!