Blogging for Fun or Profit

The popularity of blogs continues to rise. Not just the perfect venue for expressing one’s opinions, blogs are now providing highly relevant, timely and useful information to specifically targeted audiences. With regular updating blogs can keep pace with the world at large and because of this they are a highly effective means of promoting a business, products or ideas. They make a powerful marketing tool.

Starting a Blog

You have to start with a blog if you want to blog right? The first step is really to determine exactly what subject matter you are going to focus on. You need to start with a solid idea, and attempt to be as specific in detail as possible. You might be interested in something that is niche such as coin collecting.

A successful blog will need to be distinctive in order to stand out from the competition. The blog’s subject matter should have contact that holds the users interest. High quality content is necessary to produce the results you desire.

Planning & Creating Content

In order to grow a successful readership you will first need to have a plan of the type of content you will be blogging. A key to being able to produce quality content is to have defined plan for creating it. Create a calendar of posts and a means of collecting ideas for posts within your area of interest is a great place to start.

You may also want to plan for other types of content, such as videos, series of posts, newsletter only articles, plus other static pages such as resources. Doing so will help you keep on the path to success.

Blog Design

Creating the look of your blog has never been easier. has plenty of easy to use themes, as do most other free entry level platforms. You can select the colors, the font size, the font type, and background pictures or images. However, the key is to remember the end purpose of your blog when developing the design. In other words, what do you want the user to do? Read a blog post or subscribe to a newsletter or to engage by leaving a comment. Knowing this will keep the design on track.

Updating Regularly

Until you obtain a huge audience, you will likely need to update your blogging site very regularly. Aim for five days a week. As the site becomes more popular, you can either boost the daily post to more than once a day, or reduce the amount to only one or two times a week. Based on the type of content, and the target audience, you can easily gain more visitors by offering content of value.